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Eco-Friendly gifts for everyone on your list

Posted on December 05 2019

Eco-Friendly gifts for everyone on your list

Looking for some eco-friendly gift ideas this Christmas season? Here’s a list of some of our favorite handmade products made by local businesses in Sudbury and the surrounding area. 

Old Soul Soap Company

Old Soul Soap Company Plastic Free Body Products

With a new waste free initiative started at the beginning of the year, Old Soul Soap Company has completely eliminated the use of plastic from her operations and offers all their products in compostable, biodegradable and recyclable options. Even their delicious lip balms now come in cardboard tubes.

Lady Crimson Cloth Emporium


What started as a way to cut back on wasteful products, Lady Crimson has changed hundreds of women’s feminine hygiene routines all while diverting thousands of feminine pads from the landfill site.  Lady Crimson is constantly introducing fun, new cloth pads to her website to make your period a ‘happier’ period.

Nicky’s Country Crafts


Know someone who loves using their Swiffer? They’ll love it even more with one of Nicky’s Country Crafts reusable crochet Swiffer covers.  So many pretty colours to choose from! That’s not all they offer. Replace your single use cleaning and hygiene products for one of their high quality hand crafted products – all machine washer and dryer friendly!

The Enchanted Hive


Speaking of single use products, Enchanted Hive makes some of the most adorable Bees Wax Wraps to replace plastic wrap in your kitchen.  New designs are always being introduced so grab them when you see them because they disappear fast!

Bee Savvy


Another environmentally conscience company is Bee Savvy.  They are beekeepers that not only sell their honey but turn the bees wax into lotion bars. They also use biodegradable/compostable packaging. How sweet is that??

Reclaimed Adventures


Reclaimed Adventures is keeping garbage out of the landfill site by reusing and repurposing climbing ropes and other outdoor gear. From dog collars and leashes to yoga mat straps. Reclaimed Adventures has a variety of colourful and high quality items perfect to give this Christmas season

Chemistry + Craft


Chemistry + Craft makes durable backpacks, totes and cross-body bags that are made entirely from renewable materials - hemp, veg-tan leather, organic cotton, beeswax, linen - and absolutely no plastic. Even the thread they use is organic cotton. Relationship to land and materials is central to their mission. Not to mention how functional and beautiful their creations are.

Espanola Coffee Roasters


Espanola Coffee Roasters offers specialty grade coffee and package in compostable bags and also offers a zero waste option for bulk orders. All of their coffee is organic and some is even certified fair trade.  A portion of sales are donate to “World Coffee Research” which is a non profit organization helping farmers to produce quality coffee while improving their livelihoods. Plus… coffee. Need I say more? 

Wolf & Pine Herbals


Wolf & Pine Herbals offers a line of high quality skin and body care products. Their products come in recyclable packaging and also offer zero-waste options.  The maker even uses organic and wild herbs, which she forges herself! A portion of sales is donated to conservation and animal protection groups.

Joyful Home


Joyful Home makes 100% soy wax candles, which is both an eco-friendly and sustainable option. Not only that, they offer a jar exchange program. You can return your empty jars after you’ve enjoyed your candle and receive $1 off your future purchase.  Jars can be returned to Joyful Home at any of their local vendor shows or at The Nickel Refillery on Regent Street in Sudbury.