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Why you need to switch to soy wax candles today

Are you a candle lover? Have you made the switch to soy wax? Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose soy wax candles instead of paraffin wax. Soy Wax vs Paraffin Wax Paraffin wax is the residue left over from the refining process of petroleum, coal and oil shale. Paraffin wax comes from a non-renewable resource. While paraffin is cheaper and more readily accessible than soy wax, soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from the soy bean. Most of the world’s soy beans are grown in the United States where they are later hydrogenated and turned into soy wax. The beans are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. Soy oil is extracted for the hydrogenation process...

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Burning Tips for Soy Wax Candles

The first time you burn your new candle is one of the most important times to show your candle a little love to ensure a long, enjoyable relationship with your candle. Think of it like a first date. You want to dedicate the time and energy so you can have many future successful and enjoyable rendezvous together. The most important factor is to make sure you can dedicate 2-3 hours to you’re your candle for the first time. Please do not start your first date without ensuring you will be interrupted and will have to run out the door. Now the setting is everything. Select the perfect location in your room for your candle where you can stare admiringly the...

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