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Diana's Legacy Memorial Candle


In Memory of Diana Leblanc, Founder of Joyful Home Inc., this memorial candle is a everything Diana was. Bold, Fierce and Powerful.  Diana was an amazing wife, wonderful mother and spectacular entrepreneur.  

Diana fought long and hard against an enemy that was unstoppable.  We lost this beautiful soul to leukemia on August 3, 2021.  She will be sadly missed by so many people and we wanted a way to celebrate her legacy and get her beautiful, glowing smile in homes everywhere. 

Diana was a force to be reckoned with. She was filled with a zest for life, no matter what it was she was doing; being a mom, travelling with her family, studying, building a business with her husband, or supporting her community. Diana was known for her generous and kind nature; she was a giving soul with an infectious smile, and a radiant spirit. 

Her Husband Cory and daughter Alysha will continue on where Diana left off in her dreams and continue to operate Joyful Home Inc.  Your support is truly appreciated as we move forward through this difficult time.   

The clean citrus scent combined with warm musk in this candle will fill the room with an essence of confidence.