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O Christmas Tree Wooden Wick Candle


Enjoy the soft crackle of our wooden wick candles.

I absolutely love the smell of a fresh evergreen trees. Especially during the Holiday Season.When I smell evergreen trees, it's the smell of Christmas! This candle will have your home smelling just like fresh evergreen without the hassle of picking up pine needles.

This is the same scent as Evergreen Forest, renamed for the Holiday Season.

Always choose 100% soy wax candles for their eco-friendly, toxin free AND long lasting burn. The secret is in the soy.  Choose Joyful Home candles for our absolutely delicious scents that will turn your home into your own private sanctuary.
Each fragrance is available in a variety of different sizes:

This high end candle is hand poured into a 12 oz apothecary jar that comes with a wooden lid to protect your candle during travel and when not in use. Our candles use a patent designed natural wooden wick to ensure top quality and enjoyment. 

Candles come in pure white perfection.

Burn time varies due to the nature of the wooden wick.