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5 Things to do to Beat the Winter Blues

Suffering from the Winter Blues? You’re not the only one. Especially this year.

The lack of socializing and staying indoors can lead to you experiencing feelings similar to depression.  Here are a few suggestions to help get through this winter slump:

  1. Eat a healthy diet. It’s tempting to crave carbs and sugar right now but your body will thank you if you choose some healthier options. So make it fun! Go online and pick a new healthy recipe to try. Switch up your regular vegetable salad by adding fruits, seeds and nuts to your salad. A spinach salad with berries and feta or goats cheese can make you feel like you’re treating yourself instead of depriving yourself.

  2. While exercise may be the LAST thing you’re in the mood to do, especially when it’s cold outside. Try find some exercise videos on YouTube. Always wanted to try yoga? Now’s your chance! There are also fun ways to exercise with your family. Parents, get down on the floor with your kids. You’ll work muscles you forgot you had. Or better yet, take out the board game Twister and have some fun.

  3. Get some sun as often as possible. Even if it’s sitting in your favorite chair beside the window or going for a driving on a sunny day. This is sure to brighten your day in more ways than one.

  4. Take up a new indoor hobby. Having something to look forward to each day will help improve your day and keep your brain engaged. You can turn your home into a winter fun zone with a little creativity. Learn to make bath bombs for you to enjoy or build a new bird house for the spring. Get a new plant. Or several. It will be like you’re bringing the outside indoors and will surely brighten your day.

  5. Take a few minutes to relax each day. Put away the devices and find a quiet corner for you to just relax away from everyone. If you can meditate, try that even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Maybe you would prefer to make yourself a warm drink, light a candle and just being alone with your thoughts. Maybe it’s sitting quietly to read a book. Or better yet, a nice soak in a bath tub.


The first step is to recognize why you are feeling the way you do and to take small steps to help get through these winter months. Spring will be soon, hang in there.

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