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Welcome to Joyful Home were we strive to bring a little JOY into your HOME.

Life sure has a way of sending you on a roller coaster ride sometimes. All you can do is hold on and make the best of the dips and turns. 

We would have never anticipated the love we've received when we poured our first batch of candles. What started as a little hobby for Diana and Alysha has turned into a new chapter in our book of life. 

You can find Diana, Alysha... and now Cory, at local craft shows when they're not mixing up delicious soy candles in the Joyful Home candle workshop. Alysha absolutely loves attending all the shows, helping mom and dad at the booth. She's a fun and outgoing young lady that loves to explore the shows and may even be found helping other vendors at their booth. Be sure to introduce yourself and say HI, you'll totally make her day.

Diana started a food blog ( as a way to share her family's favourite recipes which included desserts. On a whim, Diana decided to make candles that would smell as delicious as these desserts (with none of the calories HA!). After much research, she decided she wanted to use 100% soy wax with cotton wicks to make them as burn as pure as possible. Soy wax comes from a renewable source and it's also carcinogen free. These factors were very important when making Joyful Home candles. Also that them come in a reusable glass jar. (zero waste!!)

Diana and Alysha headed off to a local craft show to see if anyone would be interested in their batch of candles they had so lovingly poured and were astonished by the response. Everyone wanted soy wax candles!!

Alysha also had a blast visiting with the customers and other vendors. Diana knew this was the beginning of many fun adventures together.

It's been over a year since that first craft show and the Sudbury community has fallen in love with our delicious soy candles. We are so thrilled!

We now also offer 100% soy wax melts that work with any wax melter.

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Thank you to all our amazing customers that keep coming back to enjoy our candles. You've made our family very happy.


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