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Welcome to Joyful Home were we strive to bring a little JOY into your HOME.

The Story

Diana Leblanc was the founder of Joyful Home Inc. After battling MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) in 2014 and undertaking a stem cell transplant, she was unable to return to her regular job due to side effects of undergoing such an intense treatment. Diana is married to Cory Leblanc and has a son and daughter, Alysha and Kolter.   

After beating MDS, Diana was looking for a way of helping to support her family and care for their daughter. Diana began trying different things and started a food blog 365daysofeasyrecipes.com where she began sharing recipes for meals, deserts, and other delicacies. She always had a love for cooking and baking and loved to share her passion with others. 

With the love of food in mind, and a great deal of research, Diana decided to start Joyful Home Inc. Her vision was to produce candles that smelled as good as her deserts, without the calories and without the harmful chemicals like most other scented candle had. It was in 2018 that Diana started creating candles in her kitchen and learning the art of candle making.  

In 2019, Diana, Cory and Alysha started attending various markets and craft shows and began selling the Joyful Home brand of candles. The first generation of candles were made in mason jars and smelled just as fantastic as they do today.  It wasn’t long until orders were pouring in and the family home became the base of the Joyful Home operations.  

In July 2020, Diana was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).  Diana and Cory did not let this stop them and they kept on marketing the Joyful Home brand and creating beautiful candles and building an online presence. They worked tirelessly to build her company and realize her dreams.

In November 2020, Joyful Home Inc., moved into a manufacturing location in the Pinehill Plaza at 2 Black Lake Road in Lively, Ontario, Canada. Diana and Cory decided to open the Joyful Home Gift Studio along side with the candle manufacturing plant. With the Covid-19 pandemic many artisans were unable to sell their wares due to many craft shows and markets being shut down. Joyful Home provided a permanent location for some of these makers to showcase their products.

The Joyful Home Gift Studio operates on a consignment basis and has a wide selection of hand made and unique gift ideas. The storefront also features our very own Joyful Home Candles which are hand poured right on site. Joyful Home Inc. also sells candles wholesale to other retail stores. You can find our candles in many stores across Canada and the United Stated.  

On August 3, 2021, Diana Leblanc lost her battle with AML. She is survived by her husband Cory; Son Kolter and Daughter Alysha.  Cory has left his regular job and runs the company full time and carries on Diana's Legacy with their daughter Alysha by his side. 

Alysha absolutely loves attending all the shows, helping dad at the booth. She's a fun and outgoing young lady that loves to explore the shows and may even be found helping other vendors at their booth. Be sure to introduce yourself and say HI, you'll totally make her day.

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