Are there consequences to using a lower-quality candle?

Are there consequences to using a lower-quality candle?

Soy, paraffin.. I’m sure that you have heard many names when it comes to wax types. But why choose one over the other? It doesn’t boil down to cost when it comes to our candles here at Joyful Home. We prefer a clean burn and an eco-friendly option that isn’t harmful or toxic to burn. We have always chosen to use high quality soy wax in our products. 

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. Yep, that petroleum… the same chemical that runs most of our vehicles. If you wouldn’t like your vehicle running in your living room, then why light a candle made from the same junk? Okay, maybe a little extreme, but you get the point, right? If I’m putting something in my home, the first thing I want to know is, is it okay to have around my family? My pets?

Soy wax. Soy. Beans. Plants. See where I’m going? Soy wax is plant-based. In terms of a more sustainable and natural product, soy wax clearly holds an advantage over paraffin wax, which is synthetic. Meaning fake. Yuck. Nothing better than a cheap, fake candle made with fake wax and fake scents dancing around your family and pets while you sit around playing Uno. NOT!

Joyful Home candles and wax melts will always make the better choice. Not only are we using the better wax product, we have also committed to using higher quality fragrance oils and essential oils in our products. But how can you tell you have a high quality scent in a candle? Easy. Smell it. Your nose knows a fake scent most of the time. If you smell a candle and it doesn’t elicit some sort of feeling or memory, why bother? Fragrance oils should have depth to them. A higher quality fragrance will have various scent notes. If it’s a pumpkin spice candle, you will smell more than pumpkin or cinnamon. You’ll notice the subtle hints of nutmeg and cloves, or whatever special blend the company had chosen. Cheaper quality fragrance oils tend to be on the sweeter smelling side. Many companies target their demographics to a younger audience, who tend to like sweeter smells, but may not have the financial means to buy a higher quality and therefore a more expensive product. But just because it smells sweet doesn’t mean it’s cheap. You need to consider the longevity of the fragrance as well. Cheaper products tend to fade much quicker, meaning… leave that bad boy out too long and you might not get that sweet scent of grandma’s cookies you were longing for. In my opinion, your alpha in quality fragrances belongs to essential oils; more natural, vibrant, and yes lengthy scents.

If I haven’t made it clear, Soy is King when it comes to natural and quality wax. Listen to that big-beaked bird for once… follow your nose. Smell the product and know you have a quality product before bringing it into your home. And as always, never buy anything that’s tested on animals. If the company is willing to slather Old Yeller in it to find out if it smells good and won’t inflict the poor thing with seizures or cancer, you might not want to support that by buying the candle. 

Do your due diligence if you really want a high-quality candle or wax melt. Give your business to local and small-family run companies if you can, and if you want to… take my word for it. Joyful Home candles and wax melts will not disappoint.

If at anytime you are not fully satisfied with your candle or wax melt, please bring it back to the Gift Studio to make an exchange. We’ll always make it right for our customers.

Until next time.


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