Enjoying a Hygge Lifestyle

Enjoying a Hygge Lifestyle

Let me introduce you to my new favourite concept: Hygge

What exactly is Hygge? 

Hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t have an exact translation to English but is something we should all take the time to include in our everyday life style. Hygge is used to describe a particular mood or feeling, one of happiness, contentment, peace and warmth.

 Living a Hygge Lifestyle

Hygge is about simplifying life and living with intention. It’s a feeling of cozy, being aware of a good moment, lingering over an evening in with friends and stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures. It’s about moving slowly and never feeling rushed. To focus on the things that make you feel happy and warm on the inside.

Here are a few ways to live a more Hygge lifestyle.

  •  Use soft lighting

Add lots of candles. The soft, low flickering light is something artificial lighting can’t duplicate.  If you don’t have candles, use warm toned lamps or twinkle lights to add to the calm of a room. Light a fire if you have the luxury. You can also use a diffuser with your favorite essential oils.

  •  Make sure your furniture is cozy

Make sure your sitting area is as comfortable as possible by adding comfortable cushions and throw blankets, soft textures, soft rugs on bare flooring. Being wrapped in a warm blanket gives a sense of security.

  •  Add plants to your living space

Plants help purify your air and bring a sense of calm to your living area. Start with a single plant to care and nurture and soon you’ll be adding to your collection.

How to enjoy hygge life style

  •  Sip warm drinks

Warm tea, hot chocolate or coffee will make you feel cozy from the inside out. Sip your drink slowly and enjoy the flavor of your drink while you enjoy a quiet moment.

  • Indulge in comfort food

Steaming bowls of hearty soups or stews are a great comfort food. Or treat yourself to some chocolate or other decadent desserts you usually only enjoy for a special occasion.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Put on thick cozy socks, oversized sweaters, jogging pants, pajamas or fluffy slippers to get comfortable for an afternoon of relaxing. Warm feet are the quickest way to feel cozy.

  • Spend quality time with family

Plan cozy nights in with your family. Get out the board games, puzzles or have a long leisurely meal around the table

  • Unplug

Turn off all your electronics including your phone, computer, tablets and the TV. Read books, newspapers or listen to music. Give yourself a break from all electronics.

  • Have quiet time alone

Spend some time all by yourself. Read a book, watch a movie or take a bath. Do something that makes you happy.


I hope you enjoy a little more hygge time in your life!

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